What is bio-ARMA™?

bio-ARMA™ Medical Antimicrobials Inc. is focused on providing novel antimicrobials for the Healthcare industry.

Antimicrobial resistance is rapidly becoming the most important threat facing the global population. The WHO has estimated that 10 million people will die before 2050 if a solution cannot be found to antimicrobial resistance, costing the global economy as much as $100 trillion dollars.

The significance of antimicrobial resistance to the Healthcare industry cannot be overstated. Operations require sterile environments both during the operation and post-OP, regardless if one is having brain a major surgery or a simpler operation such receiving stitches for a minor cut. Antibiotics are given to aid the body to fight off infection, but now even the “last resort” antibiotics have been found to be resistant to “Superbug’s” or Multi-Drug Resistant (MDR) bacteria. MDR bacteria include MRSA, VRSA, CRE, VRE, E. coli, and many more.

To help protect these critical environments bio-ARMA™ antimicrobials can be added to a wide range of materials. bio-ARMA™ antimicrobials are novel, bio-based, broad spectrum antimicrobials designed for the elimination of microbial activity on all types of material surfaces within Healthcare environments. bio-ARMA™ is easily added to a wide range of materials including paper, plastics, paint/coatings, polystyrene, silicones, disinfectants, etc. which are used daily to combat microbial activity.

Tested and Proven Results

As bio-ARMA™ began to test existing antimicrobial solutions, it began to realize that many products were not living up to claims being made. We have now tested products used daily throughout the global healthcare industry that offer little more protection that a non-antimicrobial product. bio-ARMA™, is as its name suggests a highly efficient bio-based barrier to microbial action.

Manufacturers are looking for strong results orientated antimicrobials to add real efficacy to their products.

A Multi-Purpose Product

bio-ARMA™ is added to a vast array of products during their manufacturing. Our antimicrobials products can be used either directly or as ingredients in numerous end-use products.

bio-ARMA™’s proprietary high efficacy/low toxicity antimicrobials represent innovative advances in a bio-based comprehensive solution to these harmful infections.

Antimicrobial additives can be added to materials to eliminate microbes including bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. which make up majority of products that make up our daily surroundings.