bio-ARMA™ is positioned to have a profound impact on the future of plastic throughout medical and Healthcare Sectors.

As the fastest growing commodity on our planet, plastic is used throughout the Healthcare industry. Examples include medical disposables, prosthetic devices, artificial hips, surgical gloves, petri dishes, lens, etc.

The need for a new antimicrobial that can easily be added to plastics offering many competitive advantages is here. bio-ARMA™ is positioned to have a profound impact on the future of plastic within healthcare and medical settings.

Due to increased competition, plastic companies through the world are looking to enhance their product offerings by incorporating the latest solutions to capitalize on previously untouched markets. bio-ARMA™ can be easily added to most plastic product types to enhance the value of the plastic and therefore finished products to the prospective clients.

Current solutions such as silver or phages are either too expensive or do not provide the range of protection against the more-resistant bacteria present in today’s Healthcare environments.

Silver, a popular choice by some manufacturers is expensive and provides efficacy in only wet or humid environments. Phages are difficult to work with and offering increasing concern relating to using living organisms to kill other organisms.

The following are just several of the reasons why plastic manufacturers and processers are now turning to bio-ARMA™ antimicrobials for their products protection:

  • bio-ARMA™ is manufactured from over 92% bio-based ingredients, some of which are found or produced within the human body.
  • bio-ARMA™ is recognized as being a fraction of the cost of silver and other competitive materials.
  • bio-ARMA™ has shown excellent efficacy toward both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria including the deadliest pathogens listed by the CDC, FDA and Center for Infectious Diseases including resistant bacteria or Superbugs including pneumonia, VRE, VRSA, MRSA, E.coli and many others. It has also proven to have excellent efficacy in both an antifungal and antiviral applications.
  • bio-ARMA™ will help save lives of patients throughout hospital environments, protecting doctors, nurses and staff, and making for an overall safer environment.
  • bio-ARMA™ will add value to manufacturers products as products can be marketed as having efficacy against the growing bacterial resistance.
  • bio-ARMA™ works equally well in both wet and dry environments. Over 95% of antimicrobials used in the Healthcare sector today show little or no efficacy within “dry” environments.

bio-ARMA™ is the obvious antimicrobial solution for plastic within the Healthcare Sector.

bio-ARMA™ is simply in the business of creating safer environments. As populations come together in denser environments, and density is increased within Healthcare facilities including support facilities such as outpatient facilities, we owe a responsibility to those that will use the environments to provide the safest places for all to use

bio-ARMA™ can be easily added to materials during their production:

  • bio-ARMA™ can be supplied in a master batch format to manufacturers to facilitate their current production spec’s and eliminate the need for he manufacturers to have to add any additional additives.
  • Bio-ARMA™ can be added in liquid form – for direct dispersion into your plastic batches.

Both methods of addition add value to existing products in the form of greater safety to users of the products and greater return for the manufacturers that have created them.

bio-ARMA™ is a bio-based, broad spectrum, innovative, inexpensive solution to microbial problems encountered throughout the world. We invite you to experience the benefits bio-ARMA™ can provide to your products and materials. We are here to enhance your products and the lives of those that use them.