Skin shedding may contribute to spread of C. auris

Pathogenic yeast's mechanisms of transmission may be via skin. Date: June 23, 2019 Source: Healio Infectious Disease News Excerpt: "Patients colonized with Candida auris carry a high burden of the emerging and often multidrug-resistant fungal pathogen on their skin, suggesting that the natural process of skin shedding among these [...]

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Our antibiotics are no match for superbugs, and it’s a ‘global crisis,’ UN report says

Drug-resistant diseases cause at least 700,000 deaths globally a year, including 230,000 deaths from multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, according to the report, which was published Monday. In the absence of concerted global action, the authors estimate that up to 10 million people may die annually by 2030 as a result of drug-resistant [...]

Nanofiber-based wound dressings induce production of antimicrobial peptide

Nanofiber-based wound dressings loaded with vitamin D spur the production of an antimicrobial peptide, a key step forward in the battle against surgical site infections, or SSIs. Date: July 5, 2018 Source: Science Daily Author: Oregon State University Excerpt: "Electrospinning is a versatile, simple, cost-effective and reproducible technique for generating long fibers with [...]

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UK steps up its role in fighting global AMR

With 10 million people a year projected to die from antibiotic resistant infections by 2050, it is important that all partners, including the pharmaceutical industry, step up and work together to tackle this issue Date: May 29, 2018 Source: Manufacturing Chemist - Research Excerpt: “On Tuesday (22 May), the government announced £30 [...]

Infection prevention and control programs are essential to antibiotic stewardship efforts

APIC, SHEA, SIDP update position paper highlighting synergy of IPC and AS Date: March 26, 2018 Source: Eurek Alert Author: SOCIETY FOR HEALTHCARE EPIDEMIOLOGY OF AMERICA Excerpt: "Infection prevention and control (IPC) and antibiotic stewardship (AS) programs are inextricably linked, according to a joint position paper published today by the Association for Professionals [...]

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Money from infection-control industry muddies research into beating back superbugs

Makers of products using chlorhexidine to fight bacteria in hospitals provide support for scientists who repeatedly find those products to be very effective – even as concerns about safety have mounted. Date of Publication: April 7, 2017 Source: Reuters Investigates Authors: Deborah J. Nelson and Ryan McNeill Excerpt: "[A]s use of chlorhexidine products has [...]

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