Bio-ARMA™ is a bio-based, broad spectrum, inexpensive solution to the microbial problems encountered throughout the healthcare sector, including antibiotic resistant infections , fungal and viral infection, and surface and device contamination.

We invite you to experience the benefits bio-ARMA™ can provide to your products to reduce HAI’s. We are here to enhance your products and the lives of those that use them.

As the growth in Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s) continues to become a global concern it is clear that protection from bacteria including “Superbugs” or multi-drug resistant bacteria is critical within all types of medical and healthcare environments.

bio-ARMA™ has been shown to eliminate most of the Superbugs and other microbes. Bio-ARMA™ can simply be added to a vast range of materials including paper, plastic, paint, adhesives, silicones, etc. to increase the ability of the materials to fight the Superbugs. Products are then produced from the materials and these products have the same abilities to fight Superbugs.

Bio-ARMA™ has been added to products including bandages, operating room diagnostic equipment, field sutures, casting materials, etc.