Room surfaces near patients colonized with Candida auris were commonly re-contaminated within hours of cleaning or disinfection

Date: April 20, 2022

Source: Healio

Author: Caitlyn Stulpin

Excerpt: “They collected samples from participants’ body sites and the surfaces around them before their rooms were cleaned and disinfected, followed by the targeted cleaning of high-touch surfaces using hydrogen peroxide wipes. They collected samples from the high-touch surfaces immediately after cleaning and every 4 hours for up to 12 hours.

C. auris colonization was most common in the nares (72%) and palms/fingertips (72%) of patients, and co-colonization of body sites with other multidrug-resistant organisms was common, Sansom and colleagues reported.

The surfaces located close to the patient that were commonly re-contaminated with C. auris within 4 hours after cleaning included overbed tables (24%), bed handrails (24%) and remote and call buttons (19%), they found. Re-contamination was rare on surfaces outside of a patient’s room, found in only one out of 120 swabs.”